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WAVES  is a collective of artists from various backgrounds that aim to bring diversity to the Seattle electronic music scene. Through the curation of events centered around music and artistic exhibition, we strive to focus on bringing a unique artistic element to our shows, while also providing an immersive experience for our attendees. WAVES is the result of collaborative efforts rooted within relationships formed through the shared love of the electronic music scene and the dynamic culture that encompasses it; however, as electronic dance music culture grows into the mainstream, as does the need for initiatives like our own to preserve the foundations that the electronic music scene was built upon. The core of these being the freedom of artistic expression, resistance and liberation from society's afflictions, and most importantly, a deep love and respect for one and another. In this respect, the community of our culture is like no other. It is through this collective aspiring and dreaming that we have been able to grow as artists in ways never imagined, and has ultimately lead us here; now, we hope you will be a participant in achieving this shared goal and helping us make "WAVES."


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